Ortho DreamGel Mattress - Double (4'6" x 6'3")

£ 343.44
DreamGel mattresses include the latest cushioning technology the latest foamed variation of polymer gels DreamGel is lighter in weight But has the same comforting weightsupporting properties as memory foam with the important added property of remaining cool When we combine it with our other advanced technologies such as pocket springs the result is just heavenly Nothing cushions like DreamGel because the further you push into other cushions the harder they push back DreamGel knows where to stand firm and where to give way Its a technological marvel that has to be tried to be believedDreamgel provides the pressure relief of Visco elastic memory foam combined with a cooler sleep climate The Gel is formed from natural mineral oils which contours to your body shape to soothe and relive pressure build up reducing aches and pains The mattress has a 3 zone Visco memory Dreamgel foam pad This high tech solution lets your hips and shoulders sink into the gelMattress borders have four rows of hand stitching as this adds rigidity and support to the mattress sides extending the sleeping area to the edge All mattresses have four flag stitch handles All of the mattresses are hypoallergenic This ortho DreamGel mattress is ten inches deep and is everything youve been searching for because it achieves what every other bed technology misses All beds should include these three crucial elements for a healthy nights sleep pressure relief spinal alignment and back support The Ortho DreamGel mattress is the only mattress that gives you all three This high tech solution lets your hips and shoulders sink into the gel ensuring you have that perfect nights sleep

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