Finley Armchair In Charcoal Fabric With Wooden Legs

£ 309.95
Finley Armchair is a linen effect Charcoal fabric armchair with Wooden Legs Get settled in any position in your Home Finish: Fabric And Wood Features: Finley Armchair In Charcoal Fabric With Wooden Legs Fabric And Wood Linen Effect Charcoal Fabric Armchair Arm-rest provide Comfortability Button-Backed adds uniqueness to this chair It is an exceptionally chic piece of contemporary furniture Beautiful made Armchair for solace and style This armchair can be pushed into any position in your home It is an ideal for the corner of your room or close to 2 or 3 seater sofa for your family to sit around. Armchair will contribute a comfortable and stylish presence within any contemporary interiors. The Arm Chair Also Available in Beige Fabric Available at an Affordable Price Dimension: Length: 80cm Width: 79cm Height: 81cm

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